How I saved $47 on $201 worth of Baby Care items at Target…

(This post contains my Gift Card Spread affiliate link, if u make a purchase I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you, & really helps me & my family, Thank u so much!)

They got their buy $100 worth of select baby care items get a $20 gift card deal going now til 10/20/18

I went to Gift Card Spread & bought a $166.28 electronic gift card for $159.30 ~ saved $6.98

That’s all I needed this time, I had gift cards still left on my Target account from last time.

1st order ~

2 boxes of pampers sensitive


2 boxes of Up & Up diapers

27 baby food pouches

~ Total $100.53

Earned 1 $20 gift card

2nd order ~

1 box pampers sensitive wipes

3 boxes of Up & Up diapers

17 baby food pouches

~ Total $100.79

Earned 1 $20 eGift Card

Total purchase ~ $201.32

After discount gift card savings of $6.98 & $40 worth of eGift Card rebates my total was $154.34

That’s $46.98 savings! Almost 25% off! I’ll take it hehehe

I try to buy enough to make it to the next sale they usually do it every month or every 2 months.

If you do this I would love to hear how much you saved!

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