Spend $25 at your favorite store & get $10! Super easy Here’s how…

If you would like to get an easy $10 shopping online all u got to do is click Here or on the link below & spend $25 at one of the thousands of stores to choose from & you will receive a $10 check from Rakuten (used to be Ebates) there is a pic of me with one of my checks last year for $17!

This deal is for new users only, you can share the love with your friends & you get $25 for every friend that joins & spends $25 to get their $10 check. Super awesome program anyone can do it! Rakuten is a coupon/ deal website that also gives shoppers money back on purchases made through their links. It’s pretty cool especially if you shop online a lot you can really make some money back. Thank you to everyone that uses my referral link below! It really helps us out a lot & is very much appreciated! You are all awesome! 💗

Click here 2 save

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