Enter 2 win a $25 Target eGift card, ends 9/30

We are giving away a $25 Target eGift card on October 1st 2019! To enter just tell me a movie &/or TV show you could watch a million times. For me it’s Grease, The Hangover, Seinfeld, & Big Bang Theory just to name a few hehehe 😄

One entry per person, void where prohibited, fraudulent entries won’t be counted at my discretion

Winner will be picked at random on 10/1/19 & will be posted on CodeCrazyMomma.com , winner has until 10/7/19 to claim prize.


  1. Apparently, is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as this year I don’t even know how many times I accidentally rolled over to TMC and couldn’t stop watching it! Wasn’t looking for it so now I do look for it every weekend! SMH ☺

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  2. I secretly love the Kardashians!! I don’t keep up with them weekly every season. But I’ll spend a day or two straight catching up on sick days. I’ve been watching them since they first aired in 2007. I enjoy watching reruns while cooking. Lol

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  3. Well,my favorite show that I watch religiously, is Criminal Minds. I used to watch Supernatural, Law & Order, and Chicago Fire. And,like yourself, I guess there’s a ton of other shows that I used to watch, over and over again! I’m a major Homebody!

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